1200CMB Shoulder Gauge Switch

The 1200CMB Shoulder Gauge Safety Switch ensures that your shoulder gauge is out of the way before you can start cutting keys. This safety switch can easily be added to any 1200CM or Blitz™ machine manufactured from 1980 to the present.

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The Shoulder Gauge Safety Switch is designed to protect the shoulder gauge from being accidentally damaged by the cutter. This type of accident can happen if the shoulder gauge is left up at the key after gauging and not lowered to its rest position before cutting the key.

To cut a key you must lower the gauge to its rest position before turning on the cutter motor. This will engage the safety switch. Turning on the cutter motor is accomplished with the regular switch at the rear of the machine. When the Shoulder Gauge Safety Switch is NOT in its rest position turning on the machine's cutter motor will result in the safety switch relay disengaging the cutter motor's power. This will also happen if the gauge is moved from its rest position while the cutter motor is already on.

To reset the machine you must lower the shoulder gauge to its rest position, then turn the machine off. You may now turn the machine back on and cut a key. The resetting prevents the Shoulder Gauge Safety Switch from being used as a power switch to turn the machine on and off.​