2000 Series Stainless Steel Extractors

Spring Steel
​HPC Picks are made from the finest grade spring steel and are stamped with the grain, ensuring a strong and flexible pick. An essential part of the production is the tumbling process that removes the sharp edges from the picks.
Rakes are used for raking (manipulating the pins in all of the chambers at the same time). They are available in several different patterns.
Hooks are used for actual “picking” one chamber at a time (as opposed to raking). They are particularly useful when the lengths of the bottom pins are significantly different.
Diamonds are used for picking or raking. They are especially effective for use on locks with wafer tumblers (eg. car locks).
Balls are also used for raking and are available in several different patterns.

Spring Steel with Stainless Steel Handles
This combination of a fine grade spring steel pick with a stainless steel handle gives the user the slightly heftier feel preferred by many locksmiths.

Stainless Steel
Using a patented cutting process, these picks are made from top-quality stainless steel. This provides for additional strength. Plus, the steel is thinner making the blades even more flexible. This combination is the secret behind the excellent performance of the 2000 Series picks and extractors.

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Stainless Steel Picks