The versatile AutoSleeve™ helps car opening professionals in 3 ways. The rigid plastic sleeve protects your customer’s vehicle when performing both through-car and in-the-door opening techniques.

  1. When using the Through-Car Method, insert the AutoSleeve™ between the window and the vehicle body. Slide your long-reach tool through the sleeve and the vehicle is protected from scratches and damage to the weather stripping.
  2. When manipulating linkages in the door, open the sleeve and place the end into the door. Insert your car opening tool behind the AutoSleeve™ and the weather stripping is protected.
  3. On some vehicles, the durable vinyl of the Air Wedge® might bind against the weather stripping. The smooth surface of the AutoSleeve™ makes it easier to insert the Air Wedge® behind the door.

Carry a few of these simple and affordable, yet highly effective tools in your service vehicles, and show your customers that you are a true Security Professional.

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