Complete Pocket Size Decoder Kit

The Pocket Size Decoder Kit determines the original factory depths of the most popular domestic pin and disc tumbler cylinder and automotive keys. It is ideally suited for giving the correct bottom pin size when re-keying new or worn cylinders. It is also an effective timesaver when used along with precision color pin assortments or when using original pins. Simply insert the correct information card into the top slot of the decoder. Lowering the depth pin into each cut, from bow to tip, will indicate the correct depths in the window at the top. The pivoting depth pin allows for easy decoding of Medeco® angles. Each of the 2″ x 4″ (5 x 10cm) information cards also lists the manufacturer’s depth and space specifications.HKD-75 comes complete with a handy soft shell carrying case, 3 shims, and 111 information cards.

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Cards Included

H1  American Motors (D,E,K,L)
H10  Chrysler Pin (1969+)
H11  Corbin Disc
H12  Corbin Small Pin
H16  Dexter Large Pin (1969+)
H2  Arrow New Large Pin
H20  Eagle Small Pin Long Space
H21  Eagle Large Pin
H24  Ford 5-Pin Double-Sided (1965+)
H25  General Motors Wafer (1936+)
H26  Hudson Small Pin
H27  Small Pin
H28  Ilco/Lockwood Large Standard Pin
H29  Illinois/Timberline Single-Sided Disc
H3  Arrow (A2)/Best/Eagle/Falcon
H30  American Small Pin
H31  Kwikset Large Pin
H31  XKwikset Titan
H34  Master Small Pin (7K)
H35  Master Standard Large Pin (1K)
H36  Medeco Standard (.030" inc.)
H37  National Cabinet Single-Sided Disc
H39  National Cabinet Small Pin Standard
H4  Briggs & Stratton Disc (Gas Cap)
H40  National Large Pin
H41  Russwin Large Pin (not system 70)
H44  Sargent Large Pin
H45  Schlage Large Pin
H46  Segal Large Pin
H48  Taylor Small Pin
H49  Taylor Large Pin
H5  Chicago/Fort Single-Sided Disc
H50  Weiser-Falcon
H5  Welch Large Pin
H52  Weslock Large Pin
H53  XL Lock Letterbox (X, K Series)
H55  Yale Disc
H56  Yale Small Pin
H57  Yale Large Pin
H6  Chicago Pin
HEX1  ASSA Twin 6000
HF100  Chrysler/Renault/Peugeot (Primary) (B,G,H,J,E) (1982-1985)
HF101  Chrysler/Renault (Secondary) (B,G,C,D,E)
HF102  Chrysler/Renault (Secondary) non-letter (1981+)
HF11  Ford Capri/Fiesta
HF114  Chrysler/Renault/Peugeot (Primary) (M,N,P,R,S,E)
HF118  Chrysler/Renault/Peugeot (Secondary) (M,N,P,R,S)
HF119  Eagle Premier Ignition (1988+)
HF13  Merkur (German Ford) (1985-1989)
HF201  Hyundai-U.S. (X Series) (1986+)
HF202  Yugo Secondary (Z)
HF203  Yugo Secondary (G)
HF204  GM-Allante (1987+)
HF205  GM-Pontiac LeMans (S) (1988+)
HF206  GM-Cavalier (1991+)/"N" Body (1992+)
HF207  GM-Saturn
HF208  Corolla Sedan/Geo Prizm/Toyota Camry
HF209  Toyota Corolla Wagon (1993+)
HF211  Hyundai Sonata
HF215  GM (1994+) Modular Ignition Program (Double-Sided)
HF34  BMW/Mercedes (11-Wafer) (1975+)
HF36  Porsche (911/912)
HF4  Audi/Porsche/VW
HF40  Datsun/Mazda/Triumph/Jaguar
HF43  British Autos & Cycles
HF48  Ford Cargo Truck (1986+)/Sterling
HF49  Jaguar XJ6 (10-Disc) (1988+)
HF51  MG/Volvo Primary & Secondary
HF52  Volvo 240/740/760
HF56  Saab (1974+)
HF60  Datsun/Subaru/Nissan (F,M,N,W)
HF63  Ford/Mazda Truck
HF64  Mazda (1970-1980)
HF65  Ford/Mazda/Mercury
HF67  Datsun/Subaru/GMC/Nissan (8-Disc)
HF68  Ford/Mazda 10-Cut
HF73  Acura (1986+)/Honda (1982+)
HF74  Acura (1990+)/Honda (1988+)
HF8  Volvo/VW (Gas Cap)
HF80  Hyundai/Toyota/Isuzu/Mitsubishi (D,K,R,S,F,P,C,H,U,Z)
HF81  Chevy Luv (B)/Toyota (A,M,N,T,) (1969+)
HF82  Toyota (unlettered) (1969+)
HF85  GM-Chevy Spectrum/Isuzu/Mitsubishi (A,H)
HF86  GM-Chevy Nova Primary (R)
HF86  SGM-Chevy Nova Secondary (S)
HF87  Toyota 8-Disc
HF88  Daihatsu / Toyota / Geo / Isuzu / Mitsubishi / Suzuki
HF89  Geo Tracker/Suzuki Sidekick/Isuzu
HF90  Fiat Ignition
HF91  Fiat Secondary
HF94  Fiat Strada (1979-1980)
HF96  Fiat Strada (1981+)
HF99  Iveco Truck (P,Z)
HMC37  Honda Cycles (1983+)
HMC50  Kawasaki Cycles (1979+)
HMC71  Suzuki Cycles (1988+)
HMC80  Yamaha Cycles (1981+)
HPKS1  Kaba Peaks (140) (6-Pin) (A2)
HPKS2  Kaba Peaks (150) (6- & 7-Pin) (A2)
HSP3  Medeco Biaxial
HX1  Corbin/Emhart/Russwin (system 70) High Security Angle Cut
HX14  Chicago/Steelcase Small Pin
HX3  Medeco Small Pin (thin head)
HX32  Hudson Disc
HX5  Corbin (system 70) (X-class/27-99) (1977+)
HX56  Ford 10-Cut
HX58  LSDA Large Pin
HX59  Chrysler Double-Sided (1989-1992)
HX60  Chrysler Double-Sided (1993+)
HX6A  Corbin/Emhart/Russwin (system 70) (Z,D,H) (1993+)
HX7  Russwin (system 70) (K,N) (1977+)


Complete Pocket Size Decoder Kit