Nose Puller for Safe Deposit Boxes

This heavy wrought iron and bar steel set is expertly machined and finished to effectively pull out a lock core from a safe deposit door. Simply turn screw into the center of core’s keyway to act as an anchor. Then slip the spacer block into place and tighten by turning knurled knob. Continue turning clockwise, slowly and gradually until the entire core is drawn out. Then use the guard key and disengage bolt. If door does not open, then it becomes necessary to use the Door Puller device (No. DP-7B). The Nose Puller can also be used for removing the plug from a padlock. It is packed in a steel case.

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NP-4B-1 ​

Screw Retainer


Standard Hex Head Sheet Metal Screw – 10 per Pack


Threaded Shaft


Ball Thrust Bearing & Knurled Knob




Spacer Block