Ultimate Killer Kit

The Ultimate Killer Kit (AKK-99) is the first choice of locksmiths wanting to get into virtually every car on the road today! The AKK-99 includes the same tools as the Deluxe Killer Kit (AKK-77), plus the Original Slim Jim™, CO-10), the Caddy Killer™ (CO-60), the Super Killer™ (CO-70), the Stretch Double “L” (CO-71), the Horizontal Clutch™ (CO-75), the Novice Pick Set (PIP-13) and the Interactive Car Opening Authority® (COA-CD). The Ultimate Killer Kit comes complete in a deluxe, highly durable, custom-made carrying case. This is the ultimate set of tools for Lasso, Picking, Through Car, and Under & Over styles of car opening. With these tools, you will also be able to attack all types of vertical and horizontal rods, lazy pawls, bell cranks, and the GM latch.

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Ultimate Killer Kit