Wall Safes

HPC’s Wall Safes provide for secure storage of valuables in an office, home, and institution. They are constructed of heavy-gauge steel, the locking and hinge points are dual reinforced steel.
All HPC Wall Safes feature a true flush face for mounting with the hinge and lock below the surface. This allows a picture or mirror to be hung over the safe to hide its location.
The safes are finished with a unique textured powder coat painting process in an attractive neutral sand color making them suitable to install in any location.

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Product Details


​Compact Wall Safe high-security tubular cam lock supplied with 2 keys


Compact Wall Safe with 4-wheel mechanical resettable combination lock


Large Wall Safe with Tubular Lock


Large Wall Safe with 4-Wheel Combination Lock


Standard Wall Safe with Mortise Cylinder Housing


Large Wall Safe with Mortise Cylinder Housing


Standard Wall Safe with Digital Lock


Large Wall Safe with Digital Lock

The safes are offered in 2 different sizes with four different locking options:

  • High-security tubular cam lock supplied with 2 keys
  • 4-wheel resettable combination lock with key override. Users can reset the combination when the safe is open. Hotel/Locker mode is perfect for when temporary secure storage is needed.
  • An exclusive lock assembly that allows you to add your own mortise cylinder. These Keyable Wall Safes make it possible to key the safe lock to an existing door or include it in a master keying system.
  • HPC’s exclusive MicroIQ™ Digital Locking series utilizes a proprietary electronic lock to provide a unique combination of convenience and security. The Digital Wall Safes has many intelligent features. There are 3 levels of access including the Master Code, Supervisor Code, and User Code. Any of these codes can be instantly reprogrammed. Each level can set, change, or delete the lower levels. When temporary secure storage is needed, this safe can be set to Hotel/Locker mode.