TigerSHARK2TM Engraving

TigerShark2 Key Engraving

Start Engraving on your TigerSHARK2

Your TigerSHARK2 comes with Engraving Software built right in. All you have to do is purchase the optional Engraving Jaw, slide it in, and you are ready to start engraving and making more money per key!

Engraving enhances your offering.

  • Display your name, logo, and phone number to ensure repeat business.
  • Add door IDs for master key systems.
  • Engrave local mascots for fund raisers.
  • or Create custom keys that your customers will love!

See how easy it is to start engraving on your TigerSHARK2

Here’s how easy it is to add images to your keys!

  1. Download images onto your PC in a folder called LogoImage (Line art works the best).
  2. Put your LogoImage folder onto a FlashDrive and plug it into your TigerSHARK2 tablet.
  3. Open the Engraving Program, upload the images into your tablet, adjust as needed, and ENGRAVE!
Engraving Keys 1
Engraving Keys 2
Engraving Keys 3
Engraving Keys 4
Engraving Keys 5
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